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  1. Crystal Timm /

    Hello Pastor Scott , Five years ago I was visiting your church with my friend Chuc Osegueda. At the time I was a single mother whose husband had betrayed and abandoned me and my son. During one of your services you had a word for me from God saying that I had to remove the shell that I had put around my heart because that same shell I was using to protect myself what’s keeping God out. You then kept saying God is going to restore. But you did not know my story . Earlier that morning I was on my way to my brother’s church, a church that doesn’t believe in spiritual gifts, but God told me to turn around and go to your church. In March 2013 I was in your church and God spoke into my heart to be witht my husband. In my heart I asked him if this is you, God, send someone to tell me, that Thursday a man approached me at my school and told me that he had he word from God. He confirmed exactly what God told me that I had not told anyone. Between March and May 2013 I witnessed many miracles from God. My husband and I have been back together for five years now and he got saved and dramatically transformed by the love of God. I wanted to share this with you because you played a big part in my testimony and in God brining my little boy his daddy home. I have shared my testimony in Guatemala, in a church book, with many broken people and on YouTube. I plan to tell anyone who will listen to me, the power of God, love and forgiveness. I have shared the link of my testimony I did on YouTube. I hope you get this.

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