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Freedom Family Fellowship Four Oaks NC

Welcome to Freedom Family Fellowship!

Hello, I am Pastor Scott and would like to invite you to worship with us at Freedom Family Fellowship, our church in Four Oaks, NC. I know everyone is looking for a church where they can feel at home and feel valued beyond their tithe check. At Freedom Family Fellowship we try to stress the importance of freedom in worship, without losing sight of the guidelines set forth in scripture. We try to foster an attitude of family, not membership. If you are family, you are always family. And finally, we strive to develop lifelong relationships through fellowship within the body of Christ. We notice when you are not here. You will be received warmly, loved without limitations, developed in your gifts and talents, discipled in your walk with the Lord, set at liberty through worship, led by the Spirit and challenged by an uncompromising, relevant word from the Lord. Either come by to see us or come back again. You will find purpose and power at Freedom Family Fellowship.  – Pastor Scott Johnson

At Freedom Family Fellowship we strive to treat everyone as family should be treated. We are all part of the family of God. Our earthly families may not have treated us as God intended or they may have, but either way, we will show you God’s love and respect your feelings, ideas, and needs. You are special! You are family

Freedom Family Fellowship is a non-denominational full gospel church. We Believe the Church is the body of believers consisting of all born-again persons without respect to race, culture, or background. Directed by Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we desire to grow a church that worships One God in Spirit and in Truth.

“Our Christian experience is all about relationships. The Bible is the story of God passionately pursuing a personal relationship with each of us. We want every person to experience an authentic, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Relationships with each other are vitally important to Christian growth. As we learn how to help and encourage others, we ourselves are encouraged in our daily walk with Christ.”


  1. miles diebold /

    hi papa i saw your church on google maps and found this i love u papa

    • Pastor4life /

      That’s very cool little man. Thanks for the message, I love you too my good friend.

  2. This Pastor and Church has changed my life and the life of my family forever!! The LOVE you feel from the first visit is awesome and more important it is REAL, no faking it in this place! The message will touch your spirit and fill your heart all the while you will learn about GODs word in a way you can understand and relate! This is a place for help, learning,caring,hope and dont forget the laughter it is contagious!! If you need a place of NO judgement check this wonderful fellowship out!!

    • Pastor4life /

      Thank you for your kinds words. I truly appreciate them. Sorry I didn’t see this until now.

  3. Amazing church, This place truly does make every individual feel welcome. The music is great, the worship team is great. nothing I could possibly say bad about it !!! If you can’t make it to service, you can always watch the live stream on Facebook.

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